A Little Time In Norfolk

In amongst editing and preparing for Christmas we managed to sneak away for a short break to Norfolk. John’s Dad (affectionately known as Old Man) has the most amazing flat there, it’s the kind of home that the minute you walk through the door you suddenly remember how to relax, which is something I find quite difficult to do a lot of the time. This place is special for so many reasons; we’ve had amazing holidays there, Old Man’s cousin Mike is currently staying there so we get to hang out with him, the flat is decorated like a seaside paradise, oh and its next door to a pub …result. But I guess the biggest reason why I love it so much is because it reminds me of John’s amazing Mum Lis.

Johns Mum and Dad bought the flat in Norfolk when my husband was a young teenager, apparently he thought it was the most boring place in the world and I can picture him sulking on the beach whilst dressed in black listening to rock music, so glad I didn’t know him then. Lis passed away 5 years ago after a damn good fight against cancer, I don’t know why but it always feels extra difficult around Christmas time and I find myself thinking about her such a lot as she was pretty much Mrs Christmas. I loved Christmas round their house, the Old Man causing utter mayhem cooking breakfast (I’ve never heard language quite like it) whilst Lis prepared 62 different types of veggies, accompanied by a constant supply of tea and trifle…. it was brilliant. Norfolk is the place where the Old Man and Lis spent a huge part of their lives together and the flat is filled with wonderful memories along with all the knickknacks/maps/books they’ve collected over the years. So in between naps,cakes and afternoon pints I took the following set of photographs.



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  1. Just “stumbled” across your pictures Emma – beautiful – happy memories and I know Lis would be proud to be remembered with such affection

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