Combermere Abbey Wedding Photography // Jenna + Ollie

Author: emmaboileau

Category: 2014 Wedding


Jenna and Ollie had their wedding at Combermere Abbey surrounded by their family and friends who have travelled from all over the world to celebrate with them, and boy did they celebrate, Colombian style. It was a rainy day back in May a quiet little corner of Cheshire was invaded with fun,laughter and dancing (so much dancing) as two pretty damn wonderful people tied the knot.

This was my first visit to Combermere Abbey, what a place. Stunning gardens to explore, and the cottages where everyone was staying had a lovely vibe with all the families staying there. In the morning I got to spend some time with both Jenna and Ollie before walking up in the rain with Jenna to ceremony. Ollies face was an absolute picture whenhe was Jenna walk in, who can blame him? she looked absolutely stunning.

Before meeting Jenna and Ollie I didn’t know what La Hora Loca (The Crazy Hour) was or exactly how much fun it would be. I quickly learned that this South American wedding tradition is without a doubt the most genius of wedding traditions out there. It takes place after the speeches and before the first dance and is an hour of fun, fancy dress and dancing to get the party started …brilliant! This was such an amazing day from start to finish, who cares about a bit if rain hey? Not this lot that’s for sure.

A huge congratulations to Jenna and Ollie and a massive thankyou to everyone who made me feel so welcome.

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