Delhi Street Photography // The Adventure Begins.

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Back in the Autumn of 2013 we had a little dream to travel across America for three months during the Autumn and Winter of this year. As a couple we are massive fans of a good old road trip, whether it’s across Canada, down the West Coast of America or over to Norfolk. There’s just something about getting up early, reading from actual paper maps (my navigating skills are pretty spectacular, even if I do say so myself) and battling over the music along the way, that’s not even mentioning all the weird and wonderful places you just happen to fall upon by accident. So we had this idea in place and were going to get it all booked when John came home one day from work and said the words “Shall we go around the world instead?”, at this point I want to say a HUGE thank you to Kelly who put this idea into his head, I owe you big time.

After a whole heap of research and quite a huge decision to extend the trip to five and a half months, the route was finally booked: India-Nepal-Malaysia-Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam-Hong Kong-Australia-Chile-Peru-Argentina-Brazil.It still feels a bit surreal writing that down!

Fast forward to the morning of October 14th, not your average Tuesday morning for us as we stepped out of New Delhi train station. Our time in India was only short but during that stay we both agreed that it was the best start to the trip. From the minute we arrived it was an assault to the senses, there was a sea of rickshaws, people and animals all going about their business on the busy streets. We explored so many little streets (and got lost down a few), ate some seriously good food, and met some superb characters on route. the wonderful people of New Delhi brought huge smiles to our faces with their brilliant humour and huge sense of pride. Below is a small selection of images from our time there.


We’re currently in Malaysia having spent the most incredible week in Nepal, more about that later. I want to say a huge thank you to all my couples who have wished us well on our travels and have given some amazing advice and tips about what to see and do, I’ve got them all written down in my notebook and intend to work through them. Thanks also to anyone who contacted me whilst I was in Nepal, technology wasn’t a strong point there so your patience was much appreciated.

I still have loads of amazing weddings from this year to share over the Autumn and Winter so please don’t worry that I’ll be become a holiday bore as I promise I won’t!