Tipi Farm Wedding Photography Manchester // Nicola and Joe

Author: emmaboileau

Category: 2014 Wedding


I absolutely love wedding celebrations that take place at the family home, there is something so special about having all your favourite people together in somewhere that’s so personal to you. I’m also aware of just how much effort it takes to get everything ready. In the week in the run up to the wedding I’d exchanged a few emails with Nicola and I knew things were hectic down on the farm: tipis going up, toilets being delivered and caterers all getting prepped. That’s just the basics, you then have to put together all the things you’ve made/bought/grown to make the wedding your own. Everyone worked so hard to get everything looking just brilliant, a prefect place to the throw the most epic of celebrations. Following a beautiful ceremony in the family church around the corner everyone headed back to the farm to get the party started. Nicola and Joe have brilliant families and a cracking group of friends who all had that tipi jumping as soon as the music came on. Such a fantastic day, a huge thanks to you both for having me along.

Here’s a little look at their day.

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