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It will come as no shock to most of you who either know me or follow my work that I am a HUGE dog lover. I tend to squeal out loud with excitement when I see one; this can strike at any time, even when visiting potential wedding couples. I have been known to cry at dog adverts (seriously, I need to get a grip), and spend far too long on the internet looking at Labradoodles and French Bulldogs. I also live next to a park which is prime dog spotting potential, I even have nicknames for quite a few… you get the picture.

We don’t actually own one at the moment but that is something we decided will change once we are home from our travels (we shook hands on it before we came away). This agreement has been reinforced due to everywhere we have visited so far having a crazy amount of dogs. Far too many are strays, some very well looked after and happy bundles of joy, and, sadly, some just downright neglected. It can be utterly heartbreaking to see. I have always wanted a little puppy just so I can watch it grow up but now we have both decided that once we’re all settled back in Manchester it’ll definitely be a rescue dog who’ll be padding around our house, appearing on Instagram a lot, and bounding around Heaton Park with some very loving owners.

Those of you with four legged friends, I’m looking forward to joining your club.

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