Quarry Bank Mill Portraits // Georgina and Chris

Author: emmaboileau

Category: 2015 Couples Portraits


A couple of weeks ago Georgina, Chris and I went for a bit of an explore around Quarry Bank Mill to do their pre-wedding portraits ahead of their wedding.

After having to cancel previously due to horrendous weather, we got extremely lucky this time around with the sun even coming out at points. It was a perfect Summer morning for a walk around the beautiful surrounding grounds. There was hardly another soul around so we practically had the place to ourselves, which was perfect when you’re a little camera shy. The flowers were all out and smelling just beautiful, some of them were even trying to steal the limelight a little I think.

This lovely pair get married at Styal Lodge next Saturday and I for one cannot wait, I have a feeling excitement levels might be quite high with them too.