Owen House Barn Wedding Photography // Laura and Adam

Author: emmaboileau

Category: 2015 Wedding


When I was looking back through the images to blog for Laura and Adam’s Owen House Barn Wedding last night I could feel a grin appearing across my face as all the memories from their day came flooding back to me; the pre-ceremony nerves, the way they looked at each other throughout the whole day, and just how incredibly happy both families were that they had married. It can full on at this time of year but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m desperately trying to get my awesome couples images finished and delivered back to them, stay creative, do some blog posts, oh and somehow manage to spend time with my husband….which is difficult.

So anyway, back to Laura and Adam. Yes; there were lots of really beautiful details filling Owen House Barn, and yes, the way they put everything together made the barn even more beautiful that it already is, but; the thing that struck me most about Laura and Adam and what has to be the most important detail of all (and one they totally nailed) was throwing themselves headfirst into loving a day they will never forget. This pair are just the perfect match, it was an absolute joy to witness and document their day.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from their day.

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