Winter Sun Bilbao //Travel Photography

We went to seek out some Winter sun in Bilbao. There is nothing better in the month of January (especially when the weather has been so damn bleak) to take a little break from it all and go seek out some sun rays, it’s definitely good for the soul. A big coat and sunglasses make the perfect combination for exploring the beautiful streets, which we did by the bucket load.

Bilbao is a beautiful town which runs alongside the river. Air BnB came up trumps for us as we found ourselves in the most amazing apartment up in the eaves of a building. This came at price though as we soon found out, old apartments aren’t equipped with the luxury of a lift so we spent quite a lot of time walking up and down the 5 storey building to get to the top…well worth it though.

If you’re heading this way at all you’re in for a treat; possibly some of the best food and wine I’ve ever sampled. Be sure to check out the Guggenheim too, such an incredible building…take me back.
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