Bartle Hall Winter Wedding

Author: emmaboileau

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A Bartle Hall Winter wedding was the perfect end to last years weddings. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph a few weddings here over the years and it never disappoints. It’s the kind of place that feels like you have invited all your family and friends to your fancy big country home for an amazing celebration, so cozy and welcoming. I was so pleased when Sarah and Carl got in touch with me to share the plans they had for their New Years Eve wedding, it sounded like the perfect relaxed, fun day, and it was.

The crisp sunny morning began with Sarah, her sister, and Mum over at the Marriott for hair and make-up before making our way to Bartle Hall to meet up with the other bridesmaids for some finishing touches. As soon as I spotted Sarah’s dress I instantly fell in love with it, she was lucky enough to have a custom-made dress from Brides By Natalie by and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The colour, the fit, the way it swooshed ( I know that isn’t an actual word but it describes it perfectly!).

Carl and Sarah smiled and laughed the whole way through the ceremony. They looked just so happy to be marrying each other, it was pretty amazing to watch. Drinks flowed during the reception and everyone was in fine spirits when it came to speech time. Despite a few nerves everyone totally nailed it with some very funny stories and jokes in there. The night continued with everyone in fine form on the dance floor, I’m guessing it got even busier once midnight came around! A huge thanks to Sarah and Carl for having me along to photograph the day, I had such a brilliant time.

Here’s a little look at what went down…

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