Adventure to Rome

Rome Travel Photography

Rome Travel Photography

I’m fresh back from a little adventure to Rome. I can’t quite believe I’ve got to this age and have never visited Italy before, but after this little taster I’m fairly sure I’ll be back again. This was my first solo trip away, so there were equal parts excitement, nerves, and the fear I would get sick of my own company very quickly. I needn’t had worried though. There was so much to see, I spent the majority of my time just wandering the streets people watching… it’s SO good for that. And then there’s the light. I got so lucky with the weather,and the Winter light just set the colours of the city on fire. You can only imagine my happiness about this.

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So my general thought is this. Rome is awesome. I had a great time, and even enjoyed my own company…result! If you want to visit then I definitely think this is the perfect time of year to go. It was still relatively busy, but not so busy that you want to cry because tour groups are surrounding you, and you have no way out. Seriously, being trapped by a huge tour group all holding selfie sticks is a very frightening experience.

My next solo trip is New York in May, this has made me ridiculously excited for that little adventure. In the meantime, here’s Rome through my eyes.

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