Brympton House Wedding

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Brympton House Wedding

It only feels like five minutes since I travelled down to Somerset to photograph Danielle and Stu’s Brympton House wedding. But somehow that was almost 4 months ago…where did Summer go?! Actually I know where it went, it was spent photographing lots of incredible weddings.

So this was a wedding of firsts for me; the first time I’d travelled down to Somerset to a wedding, the first time I’d spent the evening before a wedding hanging out with the Bride, Groom, and their nearest and dearest, the first time I’d arrived at bridal preparations to be greeted by the sounds of Big Pimpin’by Jay-Z blasting out the door, and the first time I’ve seen Kanye West used to calm nerves (top tip there people, it really works channelling your inner Kanye).

Danielle and Stu chose the incredible Brympton House to host their wedding weekend. Driving up to this stunning medieval mansion was quite something. Tucked away down winding country roads, you’re suddenly greeted by the most epic of views. Even in the evening drizzle it looked spectacular. The night before the wedding, Danielle and Stu held a BBQ for their families and friends ahead of the main event. It was so lovely to get to meet everyone the night before the wedding.

Wedding Day

Spirits were high as I arrived with Danielle and her bridesmaids in the morning, I imagine there’s never a dull moment when they get together. What followed was one of my favourite ceremonies ever. Danielle and Stu literally beamed the entire way through it. They were just so happy to be marrying each other, and this happiness extended to every single guest too. Stu’s sister and Danielle’s work husband both gave the most incredible personal readings too, some serious tears were shed along with plenty of belly laughs. The sun came out at just the right time so everyone could enjoy reception cocktails out on the terrace, before heading inside to the ballroom for dinner and speeches. The party then kicked off over in the stables, with a packed out dance floor immediately, I love it when that happens.

Danielle and Stu have something I’m going to call contagious happiness, this makes it virtually impossible not to smile in their presence. I went home feeling a bit sad it was all over, but with an aching face from smiling all day, and a very happy heart. Thank you both so much for being yourselves, what a brilliant couple you make.

Here’s a little look at their day. Shout out to Ben for coming along to shoot with me, and enduring a LOT of time on the motorway!

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