Colourful Victoria Baths Wedding

Colourful Victoria Baths Wedding

Colourful Victoria Baths Wedding

Today seems like the perfect day to share Ruki and Nel’s colourful Victoria Baths wedding with you. I’m fairly certain I haven’t seen daylight at all today, did it ever get light?! Anyway, enough of my weather woes.

I’m going to start with a little story about when I first met Ruki and Nel, as it think it sets the tone for their wedding day. It was a late Sunday morning when I arrived at Nel’s Mum’s house. I had spoken to Ruki and Nel on the phone, but wanted to meet them in person ahead of the wedding to run through the day. This meeting usually lasts up to an hour, but not this time. I ended up staying a fair few hours, in fact I could have probably stayed there all day. Nel’s Mum and family were all so brilliant, I ended up staying for brunch with them. how could I refuse when his Mum and Aunty are both chefs? It was SO good.

Hindu Buddhist Wedding Fusion

Fast forward to the wedding day, and I was pretty excited to see how this day would unfold. Ruki and Nel had decided to see each other before the ceremony as they knew it would be quite chaotic later on (good move, it was very chaotic), so we did a first look upstairs at the baths. I always feel so honoured to get to witness something so personal, and their reactions to each other were wonderful. The drums of the Barraat filled Victoria Baths as Nel and his family arrived. You have no idea how loud those drums were,it was insane with the accoustics of the baths. The photograph of the drummer smiling that you’ll see in this post; he’s smiling at me having a panic about whether I’ll ever be able to hear anything again. Ruki and Nel combined their Buddhist and Hindu faiths for the main ceremony, and then held a smaller civil ceremony later in the afternoon. The thing that shone throughout this entire day was the amount of love and joy everyone had for each other, especially Ruki and Nel. I spent the entire day with a huge grin on my face, and moist eyes.

Two amazing people, from two incredible families. What a day.

Shout out to the awesome Rebecca Anderton, with her magical hair and make-up skills. And to Nick Campbell for making that dancefloor rock.

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