Victoria Warehouse Summer Wedding

Victoria Warehouse Summer Wedding

Victoria Warehouse Summer Wedding

I think it’s about time I shared the Judds Victoria Warehouse Summer wedding with you, isn’t it? Yes Emma, yes it is.

From the very first time I spoke to Lucy and Judd on the telephone, I immediately knew we’d have a ball. Little did I know I’d make some wonderful friends, and be completely inspired by art and creativity along the way. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have seen their faces previously, as we met for their secret pre-shoot ahead of their surprise “we’re getting married!” party. At that point, I had a bit of an inkling that the wedding day might just be a little bit special. I was told of epic crafting plans, and the fact that Lucy wanted to make pretty much everything herself. In the run up to the wedding, many an excitable email was exchanged, along with regular crafting updates.

Industrial DIY Warehouse Wedding

Fast forward to July, and I arrive at Victoria Warehouse to a VERY excitable, and very busy wedding party. I peaked my head into the ceremony room to see how things were looking. Judd, the groomsmen, and bridesmaids were all hard at work setting everything up to make sure it was perfect. I can confirm it was. Victoria Warehouse is possibly my favourite industrial wedding venue in Manchester. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to photo opportunities, and the main ceremony/reception space is magical.

The brides jumpsuit and embroidered top (Yes, seriously. LOOK AT THAT TOP), some of the bridesmaids dresses, the foliage crown, the ceremony backdrop, the giant moon, wedding stationery, were just some of the things created by Lucy and Judd. Oh and if that wasn’t enough, Lucy also did the bridesmaids hair as well as her own make-up and hair. It makes my head hurt just thinking about all of that. This brilliant pair also got the evening entertainment off to a flying start by beginning the open mic session…. I mean, seriously? Is there anything they can’t do??! Everything single thing they created, and everything that happened throughout the day was a prefect reflection of their wonderful personalities. Thank you both SO much for being a totally joy from the very beginning of our wedding adventure. A special thanks also to your brilliant friends and family, who welcomed me into the gang for the day. I cried and snorted with laughter several times, definitely the sign of an incredible day.

I could go on and on about this one, but I’m going to let the photographs do the talking now I think.

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