Promotional Campaigns For Musicians

Promo Campaigns for Musicians

Promoting Your Work

I have been doing quite a few promo campaigns for musicians recently, so thought I’d pop a some of that work into a blog post, to bring it together a little. It’s been FUN. Putting together visuals for a specific creative musical project or a promo campaign is very much a collaboration. From initial ideas, styles, and location; it’s completely a joint project, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some brilliant creatives over the past year or so.

promo work for musicians
promo work for musicians
Sheffield Musicians portrait photographer
Musician Release Day Banner
Single Release Imagery
Musician photography
Franz Von Music
Rolling Stone Magazine

Musician Photography

Creating promotional visuals to compliment a piece of music is so important , particularly in the world of social media. That beast likes to be fed, and apparently it can help with spreading the word when you have something you want to promote. I don’t know about you, but I stop scrolling when something catches my eye, so there’s definitely some truth in there… even if it can feel like a bit of a slog at times. Strong visuals can also help when reaching out to blogs and magazines, they want to see the faces behind the sounds, so having portraits that work well with your sound is a must. So much hard word goes into creating music, it would be a crying shame to not give it is best chance once it’s out in the world.

Feminine Musician Portrait Photography
Sheffield Portrait Photographer
Polaroid Experimental Portrait
Promo images for musicians
Band Portraits Sheffield
Sheffield Music
Film photography for musicians


If you’re looking to promote your own musical project sometime in the near future, I would love to chat to you! Please get in touch with me HERE . I work in both film and digital, and LOVE to experiment. So don’t be afraid to ask for something that might not be a standard portrait, that could be just the thing I’m desperate to create!

sheffield musician photographer
Film photography for musicians
Divided By Heaven

With love and thanks to the following artists: Mark Stoney, Before Breakfast, The Big Pink, Prima Hera, Divided By Heaven, Franz Von, Sam Sweeney, Becca James, Tom Pickles, Rhiannon Scutt.

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