Polaroid a Day // Weeks 9 and 10

Sheffield Lockdown Photography

  Polaroid a Day // Weeks 9 and 10 The final two weeks of my little Polaroid a day project during lockdown. I’ve decided to bring it to an end, it seemed like the right time. I’ve really enjoyed creating this little snapshot of lockdown life. Polaroid film is quite expensive, so having to limit […]

Rainbow Challenge on Polaroid

Sheffield Photographer

Rainbow Challenge on Polaroid I’ve been in need on a little pick me up this past week, so I attempted to do the Instagram rainbow challenge on Polaroid.  I’ve seen so many brilliant examples of this challenge during lockdown, so thought I’d give it a go myself. Oh my goodness… I had SO much fun, […]

Lockdown Photography // Polaroid Diaries

Sheffield Photographer

Lockdown Photography // Polaroid Diaries Weeks 5 and 6 I’m still going strong with my Polaroid lockdown photography project. It’s just a quiet, gentle one, but still, it keeps my eyes looking for light and things that spark that little creative part of my brain. It feels like I’ve been in limbo for a really […]

Polaroid Diary // Sheffield Lockdown

Polaroid Diary // Week 3 and 4 I can’t believe this little Polaroid diary has been going on for a month already. It all seems to be merging into one continuous day for me. With no shoots or weddings to photograph, it’s very easy to forget what the actual day is. So many people seem […]

Lockdown Diary on Polaroid

Lockdown Diary on Polaroid

Lockdown Diary on Polaroid   Week One and Two I’ve been doing a little lockdown diary on Polaroid for the last couple of weeks. Just one a day, little snippets of lockdown life here in Sheffield. Being suddenly thrown into staying indoors has had both positive and negative effects on me, as I’m guessing it […]