Monthly Film Project // Artificial Light

Monthly Film Project // Artificial Light I’ve been quite quiet on the blog front of late. Not because I don’t have anything to share, as I have quite a lot. I think lockdown fatigue kicked in for me over the past few months, and it’s been very hard to remain motivated to share things on […]

Monthly Film Project: February // Minimalism

Monthly Film Project

Sheffield Film Photography My first attempt at a monthly film project, but hopefully the first of many! I’ve recently started following  the brilliant Amy Berge on Instagram. She’s an incredible photographer who produces beautiful work on film. She shared a post not so long ago about a monthly film project she takes part in. The […]

2020 Portrait Photography Highlights

2020 Portrait Photography highlights

Sheffield Photographer Compiling my 2020 portrait photography highlights has made me feel happy this week. This week has been intense, hasn’t it? I’ve made the resolution to just do whatever I can to feel happy and comfortable this lockdown. If that’s staying in bed a bit longer than usual, I’m doing it. If it’s going […]

Forest Energy // Portrait Photography

Forest Energy

Forest Energy I feel like sharing some of the forest energy I’ve experienced so far this year, along with the power and movement it’s encouraged… and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. One of the great things about this very surreal year, has been the feeling of freedom when stepping into the outdoors. Spending too […]

Natural Family Moments

Sheffield Family Photographer

Sheffield Family Photographer I would describe my family photography quite simply; capturing natural family moments. There isn’t a great deal of posing, I like to keep that to a minimum. Capturing your family dynamics is best done when you’re not all so aware of a camera pointing in your direction. although a lot of little […]

Portraits On Yodica Film

Sheffield Photographer

Portraits on Yodica Film Taking portraits on Yodica film is one big fun experiment to me. I’ve used it a few times now, and I’m always surprised by the results. Yodica produce creative 35mm film with colour effects. This particular one I used has a really cool rainbow effect running through it. It can sometimes […]

Summer Portrait Shoot

Summer Portrait Shoot

  Peak District Portrait Photography It’s been a while, but I can finally say Summer portrait shoots are go! At last. The past few months have been a rollercoaster, particularly when it comes to work life. My business involves people, lots of people sometimes. So when that’s taken away and you’re left with an unclear […]

Polaroid a Day // Weeks 9 and 10

Sheffield Lockdown Photography

  Polaroid a Day // Weeks 9 and 10 The final two weeks of my little Polaroid a day project during lockdown. I’ve decided to bring it to an end, it seemed like the right time. I’ve really enjoyed creating this little snapshot of lockdown life. Polaroid film is quite expensive, so having to limit […]

Sheffield Photographer – Musicians

Female Creatives

Sheffield Photographer – Musicians It’s such a brilliant creative process whenever I work with musicians and bands, and I’ve been so lucky to have worked with some incredibly talented musicians. As a huge music lover, I am always in complete awe of anyone who can create beautiful sounds and lyrics. It’s an artform that can […]

Rainbow Challenge on Polaroid

Sheffield Photographer

Rainbow Challenge on Polaroid I’ve been in need on a little pick me up this past week, so I attempted to do the Instagram rainbow challenge on Polaroid.  I’ve seen so many brilliant examples of this challenge during lockdown, so thought I’d give it a go myself. Oh my goodness… I had SO much fun, […]

Lockdown Photography // Polaroid Diaries

Sheffield Photographer

Lockdown Photography // Polaroid Diaries Weeks 5 and 6 I’m still going strong with my Polaroid lockdown photography project. It’s just a quiet, gentle one, but still, it keeps my eyes looking for light and things that spark that little creative part of my brain. It feels like I’ve been in limbo for a really […]

FaceTime Portrait Photography

Sheffield Photographer

FaceTime Portrait Photography Never did I ever think I’d be writing about FaceTime portrait photography. But I’m missing my job. I’m missing pointing my camera at actual people, I’m missing those connections made during my portrait shoots, and I’m missing getting creative. So I thought I’d try my hand at some Facetime portraits to help […]

Morning Walk // Sheffield Photography

Sheffield Photographer

Morning Walk I took myself out on a little walk this morning. After waking up far too early, I decided it would probably be a good idea to get out in the sunshine. I could quite easily have stayed in bed, but when you feel annoyed at yourself for waking up too early, it’s a […]

Polaroid Diary // Sheffield Lockdown

Polaroid Diary // Week 3 and 4 I can’t believe this little Polaroid diary has been going on for a month already. It all seems to be merging into one continuous day for me. With no shoots or weddings to photograph, it’s very easy to forget what the actual day is. So many people seem […]

Lockdown Diary on Polaroid

Lockdown Diary on Polaroid

Lockdown Diary on Polaroid   Week One and Two I’ve been doing a little lockdown diary on Polaroid for the last couple of weeks. Just one a day, little snippets of lockdown life here in Sheffield. Being suddenly thrown into staying indoors has had both positive and negative effects on me, as I’m guessing it […]

People and Places // Travel Photography

Sheffield Wedding Photographer

People and Places // Travel Photography 2019 brought with it some very interesting people and places. I was lucky enough to travel to the US, Singapore, Italy, Israel, and Myanmar. That’s a bit of a dream list. Mixing work with adventure, I couldn’t really ask for anything more. Every trip brings new experiences and with […]

Self Portrait Photography

Self Portrait Photography

I’ve been slacking a bit with my self portrait photography this year, other things seem to have taken over and have left with me little time to create. That’s about to change. I’ve got a head full of weird and wonderful ideas that I can’t wait to get to work on over the quieter Winter […]

Sheffield Portrait Photographer // Cortney

Sheffield Portrait Photography

Sheffield Portrait Photographer The past year has seen a few changes around these parts, with the most noticeable being my move to the wonderful city of Sheffield. That happened in late 2018, and I’m gradually been finding my feet. After living in a flat for a couple of years, having a house and a garden […]