Welcome, come on in, take a look around. I'm Emma, a creative portrait photographer, based in Sheffield, uk.

My aim is to create images that reflect your authentic self. I have worked with creatives, musicians, alternative therapists, yoga teachers, healers, models, the list is a brilliant mix of personalities and styles.

I love connecting with people, that is always at the centre of my work.

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Wedding at Victoria Baths

They are beautiful!  The use of the incredible light of that day, make them truly wonderful.  I was hoping for a set of photographs that would be the genuine me, and that’s exactly what you have done. I am so pleased with them!


Polaroids, a good sky, friendships, experimental film photography, fresh bed sheets, exploring a new city, good song lyrics, aeroplane meals (or more the excitement of not knowing what it will be), Yorkshire Tea, baths, getting film scans back, candlelight (NEVER the big light), art, confetti, fairy-lights, hugs, the sea, bad Dad jokes, voice controlled LED lightbulbs, ice-cream, dancing in the kitchen, getting handwritten post.

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My journal posts as a mixture of work, play, and creative projects. Creative portrait photography, WEDDINGS & celebrations, travels, with plenty of film photography thrown in. Please have a good look around.