Growing up in my family, there was always someone with a camera. I have so many memories of us all sat round looking at piles of photos (print your photographs btw), laughing at ridiculous haircuts, asking questions about the people in the photographs, and where they were taken. Throughout my teens I often had a disposable camera, and the joy of getting that film developed has never left me.  

I shoot film for so many reasons. It has a completely different feel to digital. As a photographer it allows me to slow down and think a little more before I shoot (it’s not cheap, so I don’t want to waste any!). The absolute joy of getting film scans back is something I’ll never get tired of. Film allows for a different kind of creativity. There are so many amazing film options and cameras, it’s hard not to get excited by it!

Polaroid Soup

Experimental Film

The opportunities to play and experiment with film are endless. The world of the Polaroid is a particular favourite of mine. I love how they are little moments in time that leave a legacy behind. No two Polaroids are ever the same, and they often change with age. There are so many different ways to play and experiment with them too. So far I’ve tried drawing over them and Polaroid soup, but there are so many more things I want to try with them. They can create some really striking portraits if you’re looking for something unique.

If you are looking to creating some portraits on film, I would absolutely LOVE to talk to you!