I’m Emma, a creative wedding and portrait photographer based in the glorious city of Sheffield. I’m originally from Warwickshire and spent 12 years living in Manchester, before finding myself living on a very steep hill here in Yorkshire.

I love to travel, quite often on my own. There is nothing I enjoy more than exploring new cities, and people watching. I’m a huge fan of film photography, particularly Polaroids. Although my bank balance suffers greatly because of this. I’m inspired by music, and get very excited when I meet people who have Spotify playlists they want to share with me. I get easily distracted by light. If I see a patch of beautiful light I’m probably going to make you stand in it whilst I take your photograph. I wish I could dance like Beyonce. I have the sense of humour of an eight year old boy, which means I laugh at bad Dad jokes. My favourite film is True Romance. I have a creative mind, which is great when it comes to wedding days and portrait sessions. Not so good when it comes to accounting, it gives me an anger rash. That’s my natural hair colour. Oh and I drink a lot of tea.

I am based in Sheffield and cover the UK. However, I love to travel and will happily explore further afield. People of New York, I’m talking to you.