Tower Hill Barns Wedding Photography // Nicola and Nick

Author: emmaboileau

Category: 2015 Wedding


This was my first visit to Tower Hill Barns for a wedding and hopefully it won’t be my last. The venue is relatively new and a lot of care and attention has clearly gone into making it a great spot for a wedding. The barn itself is bright and airy and set in beautiful grounds too.  I travelled over to North Wales back in May for the glorious wedding of Nicola and Nick.

It’s always such a treat to be welcomed into a family home on a wedding morning and Nicola’s family were so much fun to be around, sisterly love at it’s finest. We headed over to Tower Hill Barns where due to weather their ceremony had to be moved inside, this didn’t dampen spirits one little bit though as everyone looked on with huge smiles and happy tears to watch this gorgeous couple marry. The day continued in a similar vein with lots of laughs and sweet moments throughout the day. Nicola is a bit of a creative wizard so had designed and made all the little details along the way, it obviously run in the family too as her sister made the awesome cake too… a talented bunch!

Once the speeches were finished we managed to sneak out in between showers to o some portraits in the grounds, the moody sky even added something a little extra I think. A huge congratulations to you both Nicola and Nick, thanks for having me along!

Here are a few of my favourites…

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