Seaside Stills

Seaside stills

Seaside Stills

Seaside Stills is a project I’ve worked on over the Winter months. It’s a piece of work I’m going to continue with over the year so watch this space to see where it leads, who knows.

Photography Education

This project began as a result of some homework set by the incredible Joanna Brown, after attending her workshop back in the Autumn of last year. myself, along with a small group of very talented photographers, were all welcomed into Joanna’s beautiful cottage for a two-part advanced workshop focussing on personal growth and development in your work and business. Quite often as wedding photographers it’s difficult to find the time to look back through your work as it can be a constant flow of shooting, editing and admin, so taking the time to sit down with other like-minded people, to share and discuss our printed work (it’s just SO important to make prints) was such a valuable experience. My mind went into meltdown on the long drive home from part one going over everything we had talked about, listened to, it was such an inspiring day.

Blackpool Photography

So, after part one we were set homework to work on over the Winter. This is where Seaside Stills started to take shape. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the background to how the subject came about (just in case you’re planning on attending her next workshop!) but as a lover on the great British seaside town I ended up venturing to Blackpool quite a few times over the Winter months to study light and colour.

The below photographs are a small selection of the work I produced over that time. I can’t thank Joanna and the group enough for sending the creative juices into overdrive.

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