Charity Portrait Shoot Day

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Charity Portrait Shoot Day

Charity Portrait Shoot Day


I’ve lived in Manchester for almost 10 years now and have been running my photography business here for 5. I’m lucky enough to photograph a lot of weddings, families, and couples here, and as a result of that I have met some incredible people. This city is full of incredible people, and I’m proud to call it my adopted home. It’s colourful, creative, and very welcoming. So I want to give a little something back, as a thank you.

Sadly, there is also a huge issue with homelessness here. There are currently over 3000 people sleeping on the streets. I want to put that into perspective. If you’ve been to a gig at The Apollo, that’s almost the amount of a sell out show there. It’s the amount of people it would take to fill 15 rush hour trams. It’s a lot of people, and it shouldn’t be ignored.


I very recently discovered Invisible Manchester and wanted to help as soon as I heard about it. The charity is relatively new, and has been set up by Alice Sparks, a student at the university here. Alice heard about the same organization that runs in the city of Edinburgh, and took it upon herself to see if something similar could work here in Manchester.

Invisible Manchester is a social enterprise that works with people who have been affected by homelessness and trains them to become walking tour guides. This will empower them with the opportunity to tell their story and raise awareness about the unprecedented homelessness crisis in Manchester. The tours will invite the public audience to understand more about Manchester’s powerful past and present, whilst simultaneously revealing a personal side of the city affected by homelessness. The aim is twofold; firstly to create a dialogue between the public and people affected by homelessness. Sharing real stories of homelessness will raise awareness about what it actually means to be homeless and encourage people to look at the streets differently. Secondly, to help the tour guides build self-confidence and a proficiency in public speaking. This will give them the opportunity to tell their story, which is so often left invisible. This will hopefully generate active opportunities for the tour guides to expand their horizons.


Ok, so here’s the plan:

Who can take part: EVERYONE.

You might want some new family portraits, or some nice photographs of the two of you. You might want to treat your grandparents to a little shoot in the city they’ve lived in all their lives. You might have bought a sharp new suit or charity shop bargain, and want some portraits of yourself looking all badass in it. You might want some photographs of you and your friends looking all Saturday night out ready. You might want some photographs with your work team. You might want some photographs with your band mates (paging Ian Brown). You might want photographic evidence of a dance off in the street. You might want some photographs of your pet dog looking like a hipster. You might want to celebrate how great you feel about yourself, with a little portrait shoot of your own… the options are endless.


When: Saturday 24th March 2018

Where: Various locations in the Northern Quarter, Manchester

You will receive 10 high resolution images via digital download. All ready for printing, making t-shirts, mugs for all your friends, a flag for outside your home. Whatever you want, the world is your oyster.

Each shoot will last for 30 minutes.

There are only 13 spots available so if you’re interested, please get in touch straight away. If I happen to get quite a lot of interest (I have EVERYTHING crossed) then I will open up the following day too.

For more information or to book your place, please email me at

Charity Portrait Shoot Day