Sheffield Yoga Photographer

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Sheffield Yoga Photographer

Over the past 18 months I have had the joy of working with some incredible people within the yoga and holistic community. Beth was no exception. From the minute we first spoke on the phone I knew this would be a special shoot. Beth had a great vision for what she wanted to do, but also completed trusted me to do my own thing and bring my style of working to the shoot. That’s the dream scenario for us photographers, a great collaboration with some trust thrown in for good measure. This was an early morning shoot as we wanted to capture that glow created by the light. After a week of pretty miserable weather and a lot of forecast checking, waking up to the sun coming out got the morning off to a magical start.

Kundalini Yoga

We spent time in the forest, with bare feet firmly placed on the floor. Beth brought the magic, whilst I simply documented it. There were a few inquisitive dog walkers around too, who were intrigued by what we were up to. We headed down to the beach where the shades of blue collided. Everything was drenched in colour and sunlight, a perfect shoot.
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