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Sheffield Portrait Photographer

The past year has seen a few changes around these parts, with the most noticeable being my move to the wonderful city of Sheffield. That happened in late 2018, and I’m gradually been finding my feet. After living in a flat for a couple of years, having a house and a garden has made such a difference to the way I live. It’s also given me more freedom to use my space for creative ventures. I now have a work studio space, which is something I’ve never had before. This has been so good for the creative juices. I’m also lucky in the fact that my brilliant neighbour Stoney, has taken me under his creative wing a little. He has  introduced me to some mega talented musician folks along the way.

Musician Portrait Photography

One such person is the brilliant Cortney Dixon. They have worked together over the past few years, and she’s definitely someone you’ll be hearing a lot from. Not only is her voice incredible, so is her style and personality. we got together at the beginning of the year for a little shoot at my studio. It was a lot of fun, Cortney has the BEST wardrobe and possibly the greatest hair ever.

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Below is possibly one of my favourite outtakes from a shoot too, I thought it would be nice to share that it isn’t all super serious faces. If you’re a musician or bank looking for a Sheffield portrait photographer, please do get in touch. I love to collaborate and meet creative types.

Portrait Outtake