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I thought I’d share a portrait photography update on the year so far with you. I’ve had a busy start to 2020 with the portrait side of my business, and wanted to share what I’ve been doing. The begin of a new year always brings with it a new lease of creative life. I generally begin the year by writing a list of things I want to achieve, both personally and in business. I then try and figure out how the hell I’m going to make everything happen. So come the 31st of December 2020, I’m revisiting that list to see everything crossed off. Here’s a little secret for you; I’m yet to cross everything off a yearly list, but I give it my best shot. This year has started with some brilliant shoots. It is such an amazing feeling to come away from working with people who bring such good energy to their session, I’m very lucky. Yoga, healing, music and dance; that’s been the theme of the year so far. Collaborating on ideas and having the freedom and trust from my clients to come up with my own ideas; that feels so good.

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I’ve popped my latest self portrait at the beginning of this post as a reminder that you don’t have to have a team of people to get the creative juices flowing. Whether it’s photography, painting, ,drawing, writing poetry, or dancing (in the kitchen is my personal favourite), all of these things can be done on your own. They are also massively good for your mental health, which right now is super important. You don’t have to be good at any of them either, just let loose and see what happens. I guarantee you’ll get something from it.