Lockdown Diary on Polaroid

Lockdown Diary on Polaroid

Lockdown Diary on Polaroid

Lockdown Diary on Polaroid


Week One and Two

I’ve been doing a little lockdown diary on Polaroid for the last couple of weeks. Just one a day, little snippets of lockdown life here in Sheffield. Being suddenly thrown into staying indoors has had both positive and negative effects on me, as I’m guessing it has for every one of us. Some of the negatives are not having a clue what day it is, feeling more tired than usual, and not having the freedom to just casually walk to the shop as it’s now a military operation. That last one is a struggle. I love a good charity shop browse, I find it therapeutic for some reason.

I don’t want to dwell on the negatives too much though, we have a whole world of news that’s accessible at every waking hour to do that for us. So let’s look at the positives instead. This has definitely made me appreciate the little things in life that little bit more. When the sun’s out for instance, and you can hang your washing out. When the sun creates little spots of light in your house. When the sky is full of fluffy clouds. Or when your daily walk includes a beautiful sunset. That daily walk has been so important the past couple of weeks, I hope it’s not taken away from us any time soon (be sensible and won’t be).

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Work has slowed down enormously for me, which has obviously been a huge struggle. I’m keeping positive (with the odd day of terror chucked in there for good measure!) though, and more importantly, focussing on the good things I’m lucky enough to have around me. I hope you’re all taking good care of yourselves too.

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