Polaroid Diary // Sheffield Lockdown

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Polaroid Diary // Week 3 and 4

I can’t believe this little Polaroid diary has been going on for a month already. It all seems to be merging into one continuous day for me. With no shoots or weddings to photograph, it’s very easy to forget what the actual day is. So many people seem to be having different experiences through this lockdown, don’t they? Ranging from the mega productive and creative, to feeling lethargic and generally a bit low. My weeks tend to be a mixture of both. Thankfully the good days outweigh the low days by quite a long way, I’m very grateful for that.

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 Sheffield Polaroid Photography

There was a very slight theme to week 4. I decided that I’d take the first photo of the week, and use that colour palette for the rest of the week. So It was a mixture of green, brown, and white. It was really nice to be a little more mindful about it, and I think this turned out to be my favourite week so far.

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Polaroid film is quite expensive, but I think I have enough in my fridge for another three weeks worth… unless I make a LOT of mistakes! Hopefully in three weeks time we will all be in a more positive situation. I’m so thankful for all the support I’ve received from my couple past and present, it’s been a real boost. Lots of love to you all, I hope those that can, are taking advantage of the fresh air, beautiful blue skies, and the Spring colours that the streets are filled with at the minute. Sheffield looks so pretty.