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Sheffield Portrait Photographer

Sheffield Photographer – Musicians

It’s such a brilliant creative process whenever I work with musicians and bands, and I’ve been so lucky to have worked with some incredibly talented musicians. As a huge music lover, I am always in complete awe of anyone who can create beautiful sounds and lyrics. It’s an artform that can change moods and the atmosphere of a room. It can also help to express how you feel when you just can’t find the words yourself. I have many playlists to listen to when I’m in a certain mood, as I’m sure we all do. That’s pretty incredible when you think about it. I can also remember lyrics from songs easier than I can sometimes remember where I’m supposed to be. It is so importance to have professional photographs to accompany the music you are putting out into the world.  It shows you are serious about what you do, and the art you have produced. In the highly competitive music industry that’s really important. Visuals can also help to build your brand. Great images will help to attract the audience you want. We can all (I definitely include myself here!) spend far too much time scrolling through various social media feeds, so having something that makes someone stop and take note of what you’re doing is vital. What is the point of spending weeks, months and years working on your craft, then advertising it with a quick snapshot taken by a friend which says nothing about you or your music.

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Creative Process

It’s really important for me to collaborate with any musicians or bands I photograph, to ensure they get the portraits that represent the mood and feel of the music they are putting out into the world. This may start with an email exchange or a conversation, but it will ultimately lead to me spending some time listening to their music and seeing how it makes me feel. We will then share ideas and see what comes to life.  I love this part of the process. It can be so inspiring to hear their ideas and vision, as well as being given creative freedom to come with with ideas of my own.

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Musician Portraits

If you are currently working on a project and looking for visuals, I would love to hear from you. If you feel like your social media images need a bit of kick, I can help with that too. I’m happy to work with you to achieve what you want on the budget you have. Please get in touch here if you want to chat further.

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