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Portraits On Yodica Film

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Portraits on Yodica Film

Taking portraits on Yodica film is one big fun experiment to me. I’ve used it a few times now, and I’m always surprised by the results. Yodica produce creative 35mm film with colour effects. This particular one I used has a really cool rainbow effect running through it. It can sometimes be very muted depending on the light, or quite vivid. I’m slowly learning that I really like the way works in harsh light, it’s taken me a little while to figure that out though!  I’ve been using it on some portrait shoots recently, just to see how it works in different conditions. All three portrait shoots were quite varied in location. One at my studio, one on a really sunny day around midday, and another in the evening light. There’s some quite contrasting results considering they were all taken on the same roll of film.

Portraits on Yodica FilmPortraits on Yodica FilmSheffield Portrait Photographer

Experimental Film Photography

When I first began my adventures in film photography I immediately loved the whole process. It probably sounds fairly amateur saying this (and I’m ok with that), but I just really like being able to choose a specific type of film. There are no choices afterwards regarding post-processing, as this is what you get. Those 36 images you’re about to take will all be in that particular look. Slowing down and considering the image you’re about to take is a breathe of fresh air too. I’ve also discovered there’s a whole bright and creative world of experimental film out there.  Analogue Wonderland has opened my eyes to a whole new world.

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Sheffield Portrait Photographer

I’ve got a fridge full of film that’s waiting to be used, so if you’re looking for something a little different from your portrait photographs please Get in touch

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