July Film Adventures

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July Film Adventures

July Film Adventures

July was the month of stepping back out into the photography world, and reigniting the love I have for portrait photography.. The months seems to be flying by at record speed, but also standing still at the same time. August is here already and I’m not entirely sure how that happened. Maybe it’s just me, but March feels like it was only a few weeks ago. July has brought with it a feeling of hope and inspiration for me. I’ve made some really exciting new connections the past month, as well as seeing some much loved friends after a very long time.

Female Portrait PhotographySheffield Portrait PhotographerSheffield Portrait PhotographerPolaroid Photographer

Sheffield Portrait Photographer

I’ve been making a conscious effort to mix in film photography to my portrait work since starting face to face shoots again. It brings another set of rules and feeling with it, plus I absolutely delight in the fact that editing is almost non-existent. My July film adventures  brought some happy surprises (slightly bonkers lightning strikes courtesy of Revelog) and a welcome return to playing around with my trusty little Holga.  Nature and light have been killing it this last month too, everywhere is in full bloom and the light has been absolute magic.

Couples Portrait Photographer SheffieldJuly Film Adventures
Revelog Tesla 2 FilmSheffield PhotographerFeminine Portrait on FilmJuly Film Adventures

I would love to continue shooting portraits over the next few months, so please get in touch if this is something you’re interested in.