Natural Family Moments

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Sheffield Family Photographer

Sheffield Family Photographer

I would describe my family photography quite simply; capturing natural family moments. There isn’t a great deal of posing, I like to keep that to a minimum. Capturing your family dynamics is best done when you’re not all so aware of a camera pointing in your direction. although a lot of little ones are drawn to giving me a huge great smile whenever the camera turns their way. It makes my heart melt quite a lot when that happens.

Natural Family MomentsNatural Family MomentsNatural Family Moments

Making Memories

I remember sitting at my Nan’s house with my sister, looking through old photographs of my Mum and my two aunties when they were little. We used to howl with laughter at photographs of the three of them covered in mud, looking like they were up to no good. Photographs (especially when printed) are your family history. We used to ask so many questions about those photographs, and love all the stories that went with them.

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Family Portrait Session

2020 has been quite the year so far (slight understatement there), and I would love to make some memories for you to look back on. There are a couple of a few different options available for my family sessions. They range from a short and sweet 30 minute session,  through to a couple of hours.Please get in touch if you have any further questions about my shoots or style of work, or  if you want to go ahead and book a family portrait shoot with me.