Authentic Branding Photography

Authentic Branding Photography // Claire

Authentic Branding Photography

Authentic Branding Photography

Being your authentic self is so important when it comes to running your own business, and authentic branding photography is an essential part of that. It’s exhausting enough running a business day to day, can you imagine doing that in a way that doesn’t represent who you are as a person? It would be exhausting. You are the reason you have clients and customers, and I want our work together to represent you and what you stand for. I live by this rule when it comes to my portrait shoots, particularly ones for small independent business owners. Claire is an energy healer and yoga teacher, her practice is rooted in earth based traditions. She wanted her shoot to incorporate greenery and water, so we chose Dovestone Reservoir for her sunny morning shoot.

Authentic Branding Photography

Sheffield Portrait Photographer

Sheffield Portrait PhotographerAuthentic Branding Photography

Feminine Energy

Claire had amazing energy from the first minute we met in the car park. She brought power and grace to her portraits, and I loved working with her.

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If you are looking for authentic branding photography to represent your business, I would love to help. Please get in touch if you have any questions about what I do, or if you want to book a shoot in with me. I should warn you; Autumn is my favourite time of year. The colours and light get me a bit giddy, so I might be quite excitable!

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