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Forest Energy

Forest Energy

I feel like sharing some of the forest energy I’ve experienced so far this year, along with the power and movement it’s encouraged… and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. One of the great things about this very surreal year, has been the feeling of freedom when stepping into the outdoors. Spending too much time indoors isn’t good for me at all. During lockdown there was plenty of walking and exploring, and time hanging out in forests. My first shoot after lockdown was with Rebecca, and we headed straight into the forest at Snake Woodlands. In amongst the trees with the energy flowing is a great place to be; shoes off, feeling the earth between your toes.

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Portrait Photography

I’ve been lucky enough over the Summer to cross paths with some like-minded forest lovers, and had the opportunity to create portraits with them. Each experience has been very different and brought with it it’s own unique magic. When you’re stood amongst the trees and ferns it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing, it can be glorious sunshine or grey drizzly skies, but it’s always going to beautiful.

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Seasons come and go, and with that comes a change in colour pallette.  Autumn browns and low light are currently still on offer, so if you fancy a little explore with me please get in touch.  Forests are a great space to go for some much needed peace from the chaos of life and news, get yourselves out there and feel the calm. x