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Franz Von // Power Be You

Sheffield Portrait Photographer

Franz Von // Musician Portraits

Franz Von; hip hop & afro fusion artist, master of words, inspiring human, and friend! When he got in touch with me to say he was shooting a video for the first release from his upcoming EP, and asked whether I would come down to take some portraits, I’m not going to turn that opportunity down, am I?! Clare Jane Garrett, Trik09 and We Move Pictures made up the creative team behind the video for the single Power Be You, that’s an impressive amount of talent to be working alongside.

Frnz Von Musician Portraits

Franz von Musician Portraits

Sheffield Portrait Photographer

I arrived at Gumbo FM Studios to find Clare masterfully painting Ghanaian Adinkra symbols in gold glitter onto Franz. The history and meanings behind each symbol is an inspiring rabbit hole to fall down. Have a read HERE then pop back and look at the images/watch the video. It adds an extra level of power, and one that’s perfectly matched for the message behind the single. Power Be You explores ongoing examples of systemic oppression, whilst reminding the listener of their own power as an individual and the importance of homegrown communities.

Body Paint

Franz Von Power Be You

Sheffield Portrait Photographer

Power Be You is out in the world now and has been going down a storm, I’m so happy about this. There’s  plenty more to come from Franz Von next year, and I predict 2022 will be a good year from him! He’s been working really hard, and deserves all the success. Thanks for having me along to this Franz.

Listen/watch/follow Franz Von in the following places:


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Released November 10, 2021, Firebelly Records
Produced by Mark Stoney and Tom Excell
Mixed and mastered by Tom Excell
Lyrics written and performed by Franz Von

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