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Holga Film Photography

Holga Photography

Three favourites from a roll of 120 film, and the shortest blog post but I don’t mind that. I wanted a place to keep my favourite images and as this is my blog, it seems like this is the place. Blogging for business doesn’t come naturally to me, I’m not a natural salesperson AT ALL. I don’t feel like I have a natural business brain, a numbers brain, and it can overwhelm me when I think about it. The pandemic brought a whole other level of stress around business with it, and I’m still trying to shake that off.

The best way for me to shake that off is to do creative things. Photography is my go to for that, and film photography in particular. There’s so much scope to play around, whether that with Polaroids or different film and camera types. I also love that it isn’t an immediate result. So you don’t concentrate on the result quite so much (ideally you want that to be decent though!), but more on being in the moment and noticing your surroundings that little bit more.

I’ve had my plastic Holga for a really long time. It falls apart a lot, and is held together by sellotape.  It produces some of favourite images though, and that’s all that matters. It’s an endless surprise and source of joy when I get my scans back from this plastic camera, and one that I’ll continue to use until it’s impossible to hold it together with sellotape any more.

Holga Film Photographer

Creative Film Photography

So this is a note to myself to stay creative. Don’t get eaten up by the business side of things all the time, and strike a happy balance.

(There is a strong possibility I’m procrastinating here because i don’t want to do my taxes)

I am ALWAYS available to do portraits on my tiny plastic toy camera, you can get in touch HERE

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