Before Breakfast Portraits

Musician Portraits // Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast

Musician Portraits // Before Breakfast

I have a list stored in my brain of people I would love to photograph for various reasons ranging from a curiosity about working with them, a unique view of the world, next level creativity, or just a vibe I love. Before Breakfast were on that list, so when Gina contacted me about a portrait shoot with her and Lucy and I was pretty damn happy.

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Before Breakfast Band Portraits

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The week of our shoot was a very busy one for Gina and Lucy. Their new album ‘If It Weren’t For You I Would Be Asleep’ was due for release a couple of days later, so they were busy preparing for a special release show, making videos, along with all the other jobs that go into putting music out in the world, which is so much.

Sheffield Musician Promo Photography

Before Breakfast Band Photographs

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Before Breakfast

It was so lovely to wander around Ponderosa and Weston Park with these two, and an absolute dream to photograph.

Before Breakfast are heading out on tour this week and you should definitely check them out if they’re heading your way, they sound like glorious angels. Tour dates can be found HERE

Just in case you’re wondering, here’s a few more names from my ‘I’d like to photograph’ list, perhaps putting it out into the world will make it happen :). In no particular order… Iris Apfel, Eric Cantona, Self Esteem, Bjork, Joaquin Phoenix, Mick Jagger, and Barak Obama. The list goes on. I’m guessing they all read my blog, so it’s only a matter of time that I’ll be sharing some images from my shoots with them all. Eric, if you want to book your shoot with me, please get in touch HERE

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