Inspired By Nature

Inspired By Nature

Nature Inspired Self-Portraits

I’m inspired by nature all the time. It kept me going through the pandemic (remember that?!), and it keeps me going on a regular basis. One of my favourite times of year is Spring. I love how nature seems to come alive again, after what can sometimes feel like an eternity of Winter bleakness. It instantly changes the mood, and puts a spring in my step, no pun intended.

One of the absolute BEST things about Spring in Sheffield; the giant Camelia bush that lives across the road from me. for about 3 weeks of the year I spend a lot of time staring at this bush. Saying out loud “I love that bush”, walking past it slowly, picking up any fallen flowers, and taking a lot of photos. It sounds quite creepy when you write it down.

This year I took things a little further. In celebration of this magnificent floral beast, I created my own flowery world and took some self-portraits.

Creative Self Portrait Photography

I bought some tissue paper, created some flowers, quite a few actually. I couldn’t stop, it was SO much fun. I put together 4 different scenes, all based on the original bush and how much joy it brings me. Please see below.

Stay Inspired

It was a joyous few days in my studio, and a much needed blast of inspiration and creativity, just for fun. When inspiration strikes, I feel you just have to go with it and see what happens. It doesn’t have to be for a reason or for anyone else, but it will always feel good to do it… whatever that is.

Maybe you’re inspired to do something and need a photographer to give you a helping hand, I’m always available for a chat about any weird and wonderful ideas you may have, so please get in touch HERE

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