Beauty Everywhere

There is beauty everywhere. I’ve been making a conscious effort this year to keep a camera on me all the time. My phone is great, but it’s not quite the same. I take plenty of photos on my phone and never really do anything with them (don’t we all!), so having a little point and shoot film camera with me brings a little more consciousness to whatever has caught my eye. There were some standout themes; light (obviously!) and flowers. I bang on about light all the time, so this comes as no real surprise.

Lomochrome Purple, flowers, Sheffield Botanical Gardens
Holga Double Exposure Daisies
Beauty Everywhere
Sheffield Street Photography

It’s turning into a great little project. One that feels good for brain, and gives me great happiness when I get the scans back. I can hardly ever remember what I’ve taken photographs of, so it’s good to look back and remember a certain day, time, or flowerbush! I guess that’s why I love photography so much, it transports you back to a certain time in your life. This applies to the portrait work I do too. I’ve had a number of clients book sessions with me just to document that particular time in their life. What an honour to be about to do that for someone. I love the thought of a family looking through old photographs of their loved ones, and there’s some portraits I’ve taken in amongst them. Obviously this requires printing photos, which you all do of course… I romantically tell myself yes. That subject is a whole other rambling blog post, I’ll save that for a later date.

Ponderosa Sheffield
Beauty Everywhere

Look out for me if you have a spectacular garden/flower bush, if I walk past then I’m highly likely to document it. If you want some portrait of you proudly standing next to it/in it, I am very willing to do that for you so just ask :). For any photography questions, please get in touch HERE

First few images were taken with Lomochrome Purple, you can find that HERE , it’s all kinds of magic.

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